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Delivery Policy

We deliver international orders from Germany by air or sea freight. Shipments are delivered in two steps:

1. Your order is placed with the warehouse and always delivered to our transit warehouse in Germany. Delivery time is on average 2-5 working days and more. In case an item is sourced from a warehouse in another EU-country, delivery time may be longer by some 1-3 days in addition. After the order is dispatched, you will receive our invoice with a tracking link. Please note that the tracking link refers to the delivery to the transit warehouse, not to you.

2. Once your order arrives to our transit warehouse in Germany, it is prepared for further shipment by airfreight to you. You will receive an email with instructions on how to track the shipment and a new tracking link that refers specifically to the leg from our warehouse to your address in the country of destination. You may want to dispatch tyres of several orders together as one shipment to save shipment costs to your country. In this case we will consolidate orders on demand and ship them together. The consolidated shipment will take some days in addition until partial orders are received.

Payment Policy

You can choose between three payment options:

When you pay by wire transfer or by PayPal, it is critical that you include our order number as the payment reference in the bank or PayPal form. Then your payment is assigned automatically at any time once it hits the bank. If your payment has no corresponding order number, it will take additional time to find and assign the payment manually.

Pricing Policy

Prices that you see on the webshop include delivery costs to our transit warehouse in Germany only. They do not include freight costs by airfreight to you. You will receive a price quote based on your query. As airfreight prices vary widely depending on the destination and the volume weight of each single shipment, please provide us with the exact number of units that you are looking to buy. In general, the unit freight price gets lower as a shipment increases. An order of one tyre has therefore the highest unit freight price. An order of four tyres of the same size has much lower unit freight costs.

The final prices that you pay to us are DAP prices. The Incoterms DAP stands for Delivered At Place and means that we at Delticom deliver the goods to an address in your country. DAP prices do not include local taxes and duties, which will be your responsibilty only. We recommend that you inquire your local customs office on import regulations for the goods in question.

All prices givendo notinclude German VAT 19% as we deliver outside the European Union.

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