Return Policy for Worldwide Delivery

Our webshop is a BtoB (business to business) internet shop, i.e. our company offers and sells products to other companies and business entities only, which aim to resell our tyres and other products or use them for commercial purposes. Private consumers are kindly asked to visit our internet-shop for general public, if we do operate such an internet shop in the country in question. If you are not a company purchase and wish to order a set of tyres or other products for your car, please visit our company home page to see the list of internet shops and countries, in which we operate. If we do not operate an internet shop for private persons in your country, please submit your inquiry by e-mail to

Our normal return policy of free returns within 30 days applies for private consumers in Europe only. It does not apply for business customers in Europe or any other regions, nor does it apply for overseas express delivery. Due to the high costs of overseas express delivery, which include shipment by airfreight, taxes and duties, all such sales will be final. Goods that have been sold and delivered cannot be returned without a serious reason or if you donít like them anymore. Therefore, please consider well before placing your firm order.

However, we do grant you the right to return purchased and delivered goods within 30 days upon receipt, only if you bear all the return shipping costs. The costs vary depending on when the return is made and the number of items being returned. The returning period begins on the day the goods are delivered to you. The return shipping costs are calculated on demand and depend on the number of items and the original destination.

If you have received a wrong or defect article, you can file a claim. In the claim, please describe the nature of the defect and the number of items in question. We will try to process your claim within a few working days.  

If you wish to claim or return goods, please contact our customer service centre first by e-mail, telephone or fax. We will do our best to solve any issues and claims to your satisfaction.,

Tel.:  +49 (0) 511 93634 965 

The customer service centre will ask you your reason for returning the goods. After asking you for some information to help speed the whole process up, we will arrange to have the goods picked up from your address.

Please use the original packaging that the goods arrived in to protect against any damage that could occur whilst in transit. Tyres should be packed properly together in packs of two. The front and back of rims and complete wheel sets should be wrapped with enough cardboard to protect them and then taped. We reserve the right to make a claim for compensation where damage in return transit is caused by careless packing or inadequate packaging. The logistics company will only accept goods that have been packed with adequate packaging.

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